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About Dr Jay

Dr. Jay our resident indoor air quality specialist, has been a leader in the Indoor Air Quality industry for nearly four decades, and now he brings his expertise into the homes of families and businesses throughout the world.

He acquired the nick name Dr. Jay from colleagues who were appreciative of his wealth of knowledge in the IAQ and HVAC industry and kept calling him The Doctor.

Since 1970, Dr. Jay Guliano has focused his professional life around creating a more comfortable environment for homeowners and businesses within his reach.  After 2 years of HVAC formal training, Dr. Jay spent the next several years learning the ropes of the industry from mentors and colleagues.  During the time when Dr. Jay worked as an HVAC specialist, he also attended college at night and on weekends.  His aspirations were to earn a degree in mechanical engineering.

Through years of honing his skills, Dr. Jay found himself in the position of working his way up the ladder from manager to VP of a medium sized HVAC company, which eventually led to him opening his first air conditioning company in 1983.  The path he followed also made stops in which Dr. Jay managed other companies and consulted for industry manufacturers as well as contracting companies in HVAC management and mechanical design.

Dr. Jay sold his first company in 1999, when it looked like he may be ready to slow down and settle into a life of retirement.  Drive and extensive knowledge in his industry planted him into ownership of yet another air conditioning company, which served the entire state of Arizona.  However, Dr. Jay moved on from his second HVAC contracting business around 2006 to focus all of his energies on OnTimeMall.com, the internet company he founded in 2000.

On Time Mall comes from Dr. Jay’s years of being known as “The On Time Guy” with On Time Air Conditioning, an HVAC contracting firm specializing in doing the projects too difficult for other companies.  In order to maintain familiarity, the name just had to be a part of the new venture; which was started to give Jay something to keep busy with during retirement.

What started as a “retirement job” has turned into quite a venture for Dr. Jay.  Bringing much needed indoor air quality parts to busy home and business owners; Dr. Jay has seen phenomenal growth in On Time Mall in recent years.  Starting with Aprilaire parts, On Time Mall now features HVAC parts from over 100 manufacturers, ships to countries all over the world, and receives requests from manufacturers wanting to feature their products on his site on a regular basis.

It is likely his company’s constant focus on customer satisfaction is the reason for On Time Mall’s rapid growth.  A continued focus on customers through site redevelopment and education are a clear path for this skyrocketing company.  Always continuing his education and recently receiving his IIAQC (International Indoor Air Quality Certification), Dr. Jay, who is passing his knowledge along to his sons, shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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