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Air Purifiers Improve Your Quality of Life

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Kids PlayingPollen.  Dust Mites.  Mold Spores.  Airborne Toxins.  Just the mention of these words makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.  What does it do for you?  Many people are not aware of the fact that their home and office is essential full of potentially harmful airborne toxins.  We tend to take it as an inevitable fact of life that when our co-workers or family members get sick, we do too.  This is not so.  Air purifiers can help, and improve your overall health by adequately cleaning the air you and your family breath in every single day.

Let’s look at these culprits of countless allergies to see why we need to rid our homes of them.

Dust mites are primitive little creatures that you cannot see with the naked eye.  Too small to be harmless?  Not so!  These tiny pests may be the most common cause of year-round allergy and asthma. It is estimated that approximately 20 million Americans have dust mite allergy. Dust mites thrive in humid areas, but have adapted to every place on earth except Antarctica.  If you don’t want to pack up and move, then all you can do is work to maintain control of these pests in your home.  Air purifiers are one way to cut down of the affect of dust mites, or should I say, their waste.

See, it is not the dust mite itself that produces a reaction in people; it is the waste they leave behind as they eat their way throughout a home.  Dust mites love skin, and since we humans shed skin cells at a rate of 40-50 thousand cells per day, we give them plenty to dine on.  Throughout its life, a single dust mite has the ability to produce as much as 200 times its own body weight in waste.  That waste then becomes part of the dust that flies through the air in your home.  Hence the reasons why air purifiers can suck that waste in and keep it from your lungs.

Dust in the home contains more than just dust mites.  Bacteria and residue from chemicals used in the home can also be found floating through your home’s air.  It has even been found that smoke from the neighbors abode can waft through the ducts and into your home.

Air purifiers can provide an effective defense against dust mites, pollen, second-hand smoke and more.  They can be installed in a home by a professional HVAC technician, or can be portable units that can be placed in individual rooms.  If you have a family member with allergies or asthma, a whole-house system would probably be most effective.  However, if you want a system for your office away from home, a portable unit would be the ideal solution.

There are multiple types of air purifiers on the market today.  There are those that use filters to make it hard for smaller particles to get through, thus making air cleaner.  The best filters are said to be the pleated filters.  This is due to the iincreased surface area for catching particles. There are also air purifiers that use a method called corona discharge to create charged molecules called ions.  Ionized air has been studied and shown to have overall health benefits; but in relation to allergies, it has been shown that substances such as pollen and dust are positively charged.  Negative ions counteract positively charged ions, and therefore lessen the allergenic effects of such substances.

The type of air purifier that you need is largely dependant upon the degree of pollution in your home or office.  The sad fact is that the Environmental Protection Agency has stated that the air inside of the home is actually more polluted than the air outside!  This goes to show why sales have increased for air purifiers all over the world.

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