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Aprilaire Humidifer Solves Dry Skin Conditions

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Aprilaire 700 Humidifier

Aprilaire 700 Humidifier

Going through day to day life without an Aprilaire humidifier can cause more issues than you may think. Take a look at some of the things you and your family may be experiencing: Dry nose, sore throat, and cracked, itchy skin. Those individuals who may suffer from pesky allergies or asthma of any degree may find that certain seasons seem to aggravate their condition.

Dry conditions in the home are also the cause of the much despised static that shocks and causes clothes to stick. While many of these symptoms people experience seem to be just something to “grin and bear”, the issue of dry air can be solved quickly and easily with the use of an Aprilaire humidifier.

State after state is reporting climate changes, with drier conditions mounting. When it is known that there are an abundance of viruses that thrive in such conditions, it is important to ensure your own home is the safest place it can be. It doesn’t matter whether it is during the hot summer months or throughout chilly winter months; air quality and humidity can still be too dry to promote optimal health.

The home itself also suffers when the air inside is not moistened with the help of an appliance such as the Aprilaire humidifier. You may begin to see small cracks and splitting in wood furniture, floors or cabinets. Many people have noticed such situations in their home but never known what caused their beautiful crown moulding to crack. It’s simple; wood exposed to dry air day after day begins to shrink. As the wood shrinks, cracks occur. Just as simple as the problem is, so is the solution. Combat dry air with a system such as an Aprilaire humidifier and you will preserve the beauty of your home.

Water is all that is necessary to combat dryness. Think about it: when you are truly thirsty what your body really craves is a nice tall glass of water! Humidifiers work for the air in your home just as water works to hydrate the body. An Aprilaire humidifier raises the humidity in the air, making you more comfortable.

Just what is humidity? Simply put, it is the amount of moisture in the air. Everyone has experienced days where the humidity is high, and days where it is quite low. On hot days, we all cross our fingers for low humidity, dry air, because it just seems to feel cooler. On cold winter days, one just hopes for some rain to bring humidity to the air so it doesn’t hurt to breathe and they can feel a bit warmer. Dry days do take their toll, and that is why an Aprilaire humidifier can be a valuable tool for any home.

Adding a home humidifier system is an easy way to make sure the air you live in and breathe every day contains the proper amount of moisture. An Aprilaire humidifier is an evaporative humidifier. An evaporative humidifier works by creating air flow through a moistened filter. The good thing about this type of system is that it typically self-regulates, which means that it does not release more humidity into the air on an already humid day. An evaporative Aprilaire humidifier basically works when you most need it to.

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