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Dry Air Removed With Aprilaire Humidifiers

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Aprilaire 600 Humidifier

Aprilaire 600 Humidifier

You’ve just come home from a long day at work.  As you enter the house, ready for some rest, you are welcomed by a shock from the door handle.  This is no way to start the evening!

Just what causes the pesky electric shocks that plague on some days and not others?  All it boils down to is a lack of moisture in the air.  While some areas of the world struggle very little with issues of dry air, others must live with such conditions regularly.  It is in such places where Aprilaire humidifiers make a huge difference.

Dry air.  On some fronts, it has its place.  When the temperature is soaring, dry conditions are welcome, as they keep heat feeling cooler than it really is.  Individuals who live in hot, dry places regularly use their Aprilaire humidifiers with the air conditioner, so air is both moist and cool.

On most fronts, dry air is just a problem.  Aside from creating static which results in flyaway hair, painful shocks and sticking clothes; dry air is damaging to the skin as well as the body’s mucous membranes.  Ever had a nice cold winter day where you just wish you could hold your breath for hours on end?  Then you know the discomfort of a winter day with very low humidity.  Aprilaire humidifiers were made decades ago in an attempt to solve the pesky problems of dry air all throughout the year.

Aprilaire humidifiers are considered evaporative humidifiers.  The system works in a simple manner using water to moisten the air in your home.  Through a water reservoir, a filter is moistened as air is cycled through.  On dry days, the water from the Aprilaire humidifiers filter evaporates into the air, creating a more humid, more comfortable environment.

Does it all come down to comfort?  While this would be enough, there are other reasons to create a more humid area within the home with Aprilaire humidifiers.  Areas of low humidity are such in which viruses can flourish.  Individuals who have issues with Asthma or allergies find relief in humidity.  Furthermore, humidity benefits the body by strengthening it to combat harmful germs.

Dry air leads to overall dehydration, which has a negative impact on a person’s respiratory system, as well as their muscles and joints.  Since dry air is regularly put to a stop by Aprilaire humidifiers, these health problems can be nipped early on, before they cause any lasting discomfort.

Another reason to use systems such as Aprilaire humidifiers is for economic benefit.  Because humid air feels warmer, maintaining proper humidity with Aprilaire humidifiers makes cold air feel more comfortable.  The result is that you will find you use the heater less during cold months.  Saving money on a heating bill is always a good thing!

Improve and maintain your health, save money, and stop receiving shocks from static on dry days.  Aprilaire humidifiers can help you accomplish all of these things just by putting some water into the air inside your home.

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