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Having Problems Breathing Inside?

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Aprilaire 4242

Aprilaire 4242

It’s only the air inside of your home…What can be so bad about it?

If only the answer to that question were simple.  In fact, the issue of air quality is an enormous subject to tackle and could never be completely done in one miniscule article.  However, when put into simple terms, you will understand just how important the air quality in the home is, how bad it really is, and how it can be improved with Aprilaire Humidifiers.

First, breathing air is something you do 24/7; you never stop, never take a break from it.  Like eating and drinking water, you MUST breathe or you will die!  But unlike eating or drinking, you can’t choose what you breathe in.  So you’re stuck with the air you have….or are you?  The answer is no, Aprilaire Humidifiers work to improve air quality every day.

This is only a drop of the total downpour that is the importance of air quality.  A research article published on PubMed reveals that studies have shown the healthiest people live and/or work in environments with mid-range relative humidity, vs. high or low range.  People who live and/or work in environments with relative humidity on either end of the scale experienced health issues from that environment.

Health issues could include but are certainly not limited to problems like respiratory infections, colds and flu, allergies, dry, chapped skin, and irritated eyes.  Some of these issues can be merely bothersome, while others, if left to run their course without changing the air quality, can have long lasting health implications.  Aprilaire Humidifiers can solve all of these health issues before they ever start by making sure air does not get too dry or too wet.

Just what is relative humidity?  Relative humidity is a term to describe the amount of moisture in the air out of 100 (%).  A relative humidity of 100 means that the air is completely saturated with water.  The higher the relative humidity, the less water can evaporate from the skin and therefore the harder it is to cool off.  The lower the humidity, the cooler it will feel.  On some days this may be very nice, while on cold winter days, low humidity makes conditions a bit uncomfortable to say the least.

The results of the study mentioned led the researchers to conclude that the vast majority of health issues related to relative humidity could be avoided if homes were kept at a relative humidity ranging between 40 – 60%.  Aprilaire Humidifiers work right along with a home’s existing heating and cooling system, making them helpful appliances that you don’t have to think about every day.

Because Aprilaire Humidifiers are the evaporative type of humidifier, they do not spread allergen contaminated aerosols into the air inside your home.   How nice it is to have a home that truly is your haven away from the rest of the world!  Aprilaire Humidifiers can work as you need them to, when you need them to, so you can spend the majority of your hours breathing air that is better for you.

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