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Negative Ions Good for You?

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boy breathingNegative ions at higher levels have not only shown to positively affect asthma patients, but it has also been discovered that negative ions, which are present in moist air, also raise the serotonin levels in the bloodstream.  Just this small amount of information is enough to cause anyone to desire a more humid environment; and a reason why Aprilaire Humidifiers are so popular.

If that weren’t enough to extol the benefits of negative ions, it may help to know that measurements taken in a closed room containing several people have shown that the number of negative ions decreases to 200/cm3 from 1000-1500/cm3, which is considered to be the normal level.  Most homes and offices erected in the past 20 years or so are built air tight.  The result is that when the heating or air conditioner is running, friction occurs and further depletes the negative ions that your body needs.

With only positive ions left to re-circulate throughout a home or office, those who are inside will likely suffer from issues ranging from allergies and headaches to poor concentration and even depression!  When it comes to negative ions, you need water; and when you need water in the air, you want to look into Aprilaire Humidifiers.

Aprilaire Humidifiers work as an evaporative type of humidifier, adding cool vapors into the air in such tiny particles that they can hardly be noticed.  This method is different than that of a vaporizer, which uses steam to add moisture into the air.  This is perhaps another reason why Aprilaire Humidifiers are more popular than a standard vaporizer; it is much more economical to run a system that does not require heating of water.

By working to accomplish the appropriate levels of relative humidity into the home, Aprilaire Humidifiers effectively combat multiple health issues.  And you thought humidity would only help with dry skin!

  • Bacteria adhere to dry nasal passages much more than moist nasal passages, causing sneezing and sinus problems.
  • Weakened immune systems caused by too much exposure to electromagnetic fields.
  • Allergies and asthma attacks brought on by spores propagated in dry air
  • Poor concentration
  • Low serotonin levels which can trigger depression

Combating the effects of positive ions is luckily something Aprilaire Humidifiers can help with.  Not everyone can take weekend breaks at the beach or mountains, but everyone can take certain steps to improve their surroundings and bring more negative ions into the home.

Negative ions are abundant in places such as the beach or near a waterfall, and because Aprilaire Humidifiers split water molecules as they flow through the filter, your home can also be full of these beneficial ions.  Adding live plants throughout your home or office is also a way to improve the air quality and help you breathe in more of what is good for you.   Taking regular walks in the fresh air improve your chances of exposure to negative ions as well.

Who ever thought that negative could be a positive?  Aprilaire Humidifiers bring negative ions to your home, and that leaves you with an abundance of positive results!

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