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Humidifiers For the Home or Office

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HomeHumidifierHumidifiers are an often misunderstood product.  Many think of humidifiers as the unit that sits on a child’s nightstand and blows a steady stream of warm mist, filling the room with tiny droplets of water.  This is actually a vaporizer, and while there is a use for vaporizers in instances such as what is mentioned here, humidifiers are actually built for regular use.

Why would a home or office need a humidifier? Both homes and offices need humidifiers because many places on earth are simply too dry.  Dry air causes problems such as dry skin and chapped lips, sinus headaches and swollen nasal passages, and can stir up allergies and asthma.  Each of these issues has an impact on how you feel each and every day.  If you can feel better, it only makes sense to do what you can to make that happen.

Humidifiers come in different forms, which help to find the humidifier that is best suited to your needs.  Portable humidifiers are clearly the best choice for your office, because it just isn’t possible or practical to have a humidifier professionally installed in your building at your expense.  At home, however, it is very much worth the investment to install a whole-house humidifying system.

For the home, whole-house humidifiers improve several areas simply by performing their one task.  Installing a self-regulating humidifier at home will produce immediate results that you will notice.  You will breathe a little easier, sleep better and find that you no longer wake up with that nagging sore throat.  Eyes will experience less irritation, and you may even see a decrease in occurrences of headaches.

Humidifiers not only impact your overall health and how you feel, although that in itself is a huge benefit.  Using a humidifier at home also saves the investment you have made into the house and furnishings.  When the air is too dry, every surface is affected adversely.  Wood is found all over a home; and what does dry wood do?  It splits and cracks.  So if your home has wood cabinets, wood flooring, wood molding and wood furniture, all of those things are at risk of drying out and splitting.

Humidifiers also make a home more energy efficient.  When air is dry, it feels cooler than it really is; therefore causing you to run the heater more in the winter.  Not only does this run up your utility bill, but it also further dries out everything within the four walls of your home!  Talk about exacerbating the problem!   It is especially important to add moisture to the air during winter months, as the dry winter air can push relative humidity levels down as low as 15%; drier than many deserts.

The three areas that are improved by humidifiers are areas that impact your life on a daily basis.  With rising costs of energy, seeing how you can lower bills while making the air in your home better holds extra benefit.  Save money, save the investment that is your home, and save your health with the use of one simple machine.  Now that’s value!

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